Psoriasis: breaking the cycle of stress

Psoriasis is a ‘stress-related’ disease. It is triggered by stress and it causes major stress. This means that it creates a vicious cycle which causes terrible angst among most Psoriasis sufferers, young and old. New research shows that up to 9 out of 10 psoriasis sufferers report that stress triggered […]

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Foods That Fight Psoriasis

Great article about foods that may help control the symptoms of psoriasis.   People with psoriasis react differently to dietary changes, just as they can react differently to medical treatments. But many people have reported success with changes in their diet. Here is an article showing foods that may help. Click […]

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Winters can worsen psoriasis

Dry air and low levels of exposure to sunlight’s ultraviolet rays can lead to a worsening of psoriasis symptoms during fall and winter. * That’s why it is particularly important to take good care of yourself to avoid falre ups. This means maintaining a sensible, high fibre diet, high in Omega 3 essential […]

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10 Ways To Prevent Psoriasis Flare Ups

Our friends over at WebMD have just published an article entitled  ‘Ten Ways To Prevent Psoriasis Flare Ups’.  Here’s the list: Use moisturizing lotions. Take care of your skin and scalp. Avoid dry, cold weather. Use a humidifier. Avoid medications that cause flare-ups. Drugs that are known to make psoriasis […]

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Psoriasis Plaques Fight Infection

A recent study explains why psoriasis plaques rarely become infected. The report reveals how psoriasis lesions have inherent anti-fungal and anti-bacterial proteins that fight infection. More interestingly, it shows once again how Psoriasis is very much an immune-related disorder and that long-term treatments should be focussed on the immune system. […]

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Psoriasis Sufferers CANNOT tolerate ‘live’ vaccines

Psoriasis Sufferers cannot tolerate live vaccines

  According to resident dermatologist at Gottlieb Memorial Hospital, Dr Julie Moore M.D., Psoriasis sufferers cannot tolerate “live” vaccines such as the nasal flu vaccine and the shingles shot. Remember, Psoriasis is an immune-related condition and for that reason, patients with psoriasis should always consult their physician or dermatologist before […]

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Summer Sun Good for Psoriasis Sufferers

Sunbathing is an effective natural treatment for Psoriasis

  Sun exposure is usually discouraged for most people due to potential harmful effects of UV rays causing skin cancer and premature aging. However, according to Gottlieb Dermatologist, Julie Moore, M.D, the sun is a very effective natural treatment for psoriasis sufferers. “The sun is one of the best treatments […]

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National Psoriasis Foundation Endorses M-Folia

Researchers have found effective drug-free solutions for Psoriasis

The National Psoriasis Foundation has acknowledged the benefits of Mahonia aquifolium listing it as one of the few alternative/herbal treatments worth considering. With a large body of Psoriasis Research involving large clinical trials and published in reputable medical and dermatological journals, Mahonia aquifolium has been shown to help over 4 […]

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